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Yasmin Elena Grinchik belly fitness
Yasmin Elena Grinchik belly dance fitness

Hello, my name is Yasmin. Welcome to our app Majestic Woman, where I will introduce you to belly dance, belly fitness, and Flamenco. I am a professional choreographer with a Master of Arts degree. I’ve been an instructor for 20 years and I am one of the most renowned belly dancers in Belarus. 

I’ve won the World Cup in Belly dance and I am a world champion in Flamenco and Folk dance, as well as a champion from Belarus Bollywood and Eurasia Bellydance in 2018. I was a participant of the Cairo Festival “AHLAN WA SAHLAN” and a ballet master of the State Academic Dance of Belarus.

I am a judge for many international choreographic competitions such as the Belarusian Dance League and I also have extensive experience working as a choreographer at international venues in Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Spain. I am an artistic director of the dance theatre “Harem Show” and the school “Yasmin”.
Thank you for being with us let’s practice and discover the power of our femininity and beauty.