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Belly Dance

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You will feel your mood improve

Belly dancing releases the female happiness hormone oxytocin – just like kissing does

Your physique becomes more beautiful

You hold your head higher, your gait changes for the better, the muscles of your back are strengthened, and your posture becomes ideal
Kristina Derkach belly dance

Your body becomes more attractive

Belly dancing works your abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks
belly dance

Your neck, shoulders and back no longer hurt

Belly dancing works all parts of the spine, from the neck to the lower back, and the smooth movements make exercise safe

Your female health improves

Your female health improves Abdominal movements massage and improve blood circulation to your reproductive organs, and help regulate digestion and metabolism
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Your productivity increases

Belly dancing improves blood circulation and brain function, and it boosts your mood even more than exercising, jogging or cycling
belly dance

You feel confident

Set new goals, start a new hobby, and connect with like-minded people

You feel your femininity again

Smooth movements–feminine in nature – will allow you to open up and embrace your femininity
Cinzia Purificato belly dance

Your man admires you

Your mood, femininity and beautiful posture leave no chance for your man
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Easy Belly Dance Classes For Beginners
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Just 10 minutes a day

Each lesson takes only 10 minutes, so you always have time to practice

Dance when and where it suits you

No need to be embarrassed; find all lessons in a convenient app on your phone
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Dance no matter your age, shape, or skills

Belly dancing is suitable for ALL women, regardless of age, shape, size, or fitness level

Learn from belly dancing's brightest stars

Our classes are taught by world-famous belly dancers and winners of global competitions
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belly dance, yoga, fitness, meditation
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