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Belly Dance

for women's health

Learn belly dance and you will get:

Burn more than
500 kcal in one hour

Movement of the hips and hands, shaking the belly allow you to burn more than 500 kcal in one hour
Kristina belly dance

Beautiful belly

By doing torso bends, abdominal movements, and pelvic swaying, you train the obliques and rectus abdominis muscles

Perfect posture and gait are guaranteed

All parts of the spine work and the muscles of the back are strengthened, the position of the head, gait, posture becomes ideal

Luxurious buttocks and thighs

The load on the muscles of the buttocks and quadriceps is carried out during the dance, when the steps are performed on bent legs
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Improves metabolism and digestion

The movement and shaking of the abdomen massages the intestines and other internal organs, activating the digestion process, and calories are quickly burned

No chance of being overweight

If belly dancing is in your life 4 times a week, combined with proper nutrition, then there will not be the slightest chance of being overweight

Open up and
be yourself!

Frank movements allow a woman to open up and be herself, liberates and removes complexes

Feel your feminine energy

Moving the pelvis relieves muscle tension and the circulation of the female organs. As a result, the released tension turns into sexual energy

Free your emotions!

Through the smooth movements inherent in feminine nature, and facial expressions, a woman is freed from the accumulated emotional stress

Improves the brain activity of both hemispheres

One hemisphere regulates the work of imaginative thinking, which is activated during improvisation, the second is responsible for the logic and coordination of movements. The brain receives more oxygen, memory and attention improve

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Marta Korzun

Learn Belly Dance Easy

Some good tips for you

Devote just 10 minutes a day

Each lesson takes only 10 minutes. Learn belly dancing by practicing 10 minutes at a time.

Learn to dance in less than a month

It’s been proven that you can learn to belly dance within 21 days

Dance wherever and whenever you wish

Access all lessons through a convenient app on your phone.

Dance regardless of your age, shape, or skills

The beauty of belly dancing is it’s suitable for ALL women, regardless of age, shape, size, or fitness level.
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Learn from belly dancing's brightest stars

Our classes are taught by world-famous belly dancers and winners of global competitions.

Meet our world-renowned instructors:

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Learn to dance in less than a month

Practice dancing for just 10 minutes a day and you’ll know how to belly dance within a month.

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