Master the art of belly dance and embrace the divine feminine…
In just 10 minutes a day… …even if you’ve never danced before…

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No more searching for the best belly dance instructors or hiring expensive coaches. Just one simple, affordable mobile app.

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Me 5 years ago:

Over the last decade, I spent countless hours looking for the best belly dance instructors, yoga teachers, nutritionists and coaches.

I’ve even traveled halfway around the world to places like Egypt and Russia to perfect the ancient art of belly dance…

It took a lot of time and energy, but I was lucky enough to be able to travel the world…
If you’re like most women, you’re too busy for all that!

Between work and family there’s barely enough time to run some errands and unwind at the end of the day.

That’s why I created the Majestic Woman Group!

Fast forward to now, and in just 10 MINUTES A DAY you can master the art of belly dance and nurture your divine feminine.

Whether you’re just starting out, or want to take your current dancing skills to a competitive level, Majestic Woman Group can help you accomplish your goals. 

Learn To Belly Dance In 30 Days Or Less

Real women, real results, any age, shape, size or ability level


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Who Is Majestic
Woman Group For?

It’s Simply The Best Virtual Belly Dance Academy Out There!

Majestic Woman Group is a total transformation workshop that helps women of all experience levels perfect the art, wow their friends, and blow away the judges.
belly dance, yoga, fitness, meditation

Belly Dance Technique & Professionalism

Learn From Award-Winning Instructors

Leilah Isaac belly dance fitness

Get In Dance Shape!

Embrace the Goddess Within You

Belly Dance Instructor


“I’ve never had so much fun learning to dance!”

— Every woman who embarks on a sacred journey with Majestic Woman Group

Obviously, I can’t promise that you’ll download our app, take our courses, and get amazing, life-changing results. 

But it does work…and not just for a handful of women!

Thousands of women have already undergone unbelievable transformations in just 21 days, 10 minutes a day.

…and it works with women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

The classes are engaging, easy-to-digest and taught by world-renowned instructors.

Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by an active community of other energetic, enthusiastic, vibrant women.

What You’ll Find Inside…

belly dance


Learn To Belly Dance For the First Time….

...or If You’re An Experienced Dancer Take Your Shimmying To The Next Level

Immerse yourself in the basics of belly dancing and beyond!

Classes for beginners all the way up to advanced techniques for styles like…

Shaabi, Saidi, Mejanse, Pop & Baladi…

Not in shape?

Don’t worry! Our Belly Fitness classes will get you there with a mix of cardio, mobily and technique.

You’ll have award-winning belly dance instructors guiding you through every shimmy and shake and your friends and family will be blown away with how well you dance. 

Here’s a peak at just
a few of the Belly Dance classes & courses we have to offer

Plus Exclusive Bonuses For…

Fitness & Pilates

Strengthen and tone your body with a wide selection of up-tempo workouts to burn fat, tone muscle, and get in the best shape of your life with pilates and high-intensity exercise. 

Our pilates classes engage your core and improve body control in a fun, energizing way.

Want to kick it up a notch? Our HIIT workouts will push you to your limits so you make the most progress in the shortest time.



Actual Price:

FREE w/subscription

Yoga & Qigong Classes

Calm your mind, deepen your breathwork, align your chakras and strengthen the mind-body connection with these ancient spiritual practices.

Yoga not only improves your belly dancing, it lubricates the joints and improves mobility so you can do more of what you love with less pain.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese spiritual practice that combines gentle flowing movements with breathwork to guide sacred energy throughout the body. 



Actual Price:

FREE w/subscription

Guided Meditation Classes

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed and scattered after a hectic week, you need a meditation practice in your life.

Our mindfulness classes will improve your concentration, focus and self-awareness of the goddess within you. Experience the stillness of your heart and soul!

Meditation is proven to reduce stress hormones and boost stress-relieving neurotransmitters in the brain called GABA. 



Actual Price:

FREE w/subscription

Nutrition Classes

Our nutrition plans don’t just taste great, they make you feel great too!

You are what you eat, and that goes for mind, body, soul and the glowing feminine energy that flows through you.

Fuel your entire being with nourishing foods that bring out the best version of you and help you enjoy the beauty of life and the divine feminine. 



Actual Price:

FREE w/subscription

If you were to pay for all these classes individually, they would cost over $2,985. When you join Majestic Woman Group, they’re
YOURS FOR ONLY $10/month. 


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*with yearly subscribtion of $99

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Meet your world-renowned
Belly Dance instructors

Learn from over 50+ award-winning belly dancers and competition judges from all around the world. They don’t hold anything back!

Meet two of our featured instructors…

belly dance classes online


Egyptian Hips and Improv

Ready to elevate your dancing to an elite level? In Kistina’s Egyptian Hips, you’ll learn intricate Egyption hip mechanics, then in Egyptian Orchestra, you’ll learn 7 different styles of improv and master the art of improv.

Don’t worry, she breaks down complex concepts so that even beginners can follow along. Incorporate her combos and develop your own unique style!

Belly dance advanced


In-depth Technique & Choreography

In her signature classes, Make It Perfect and Dance It Out, Cinzia takes you on an intense exploration of technique, stage management, musicality, choreography and teaching methodology.

Cinzia is highly sought after for her ability to cut down learning time. Her teaching style is direct, practical & easy to understand. 

Accelerate your learning & have more fun as part of our community of inspiring dancers!

Let me show you some of the stuff our students have already accomplished with Majestic Woman Group:

“I can’t believe how fast I learned! It’s something so new and unique”

Not sure how to take the first steps on your dance journey? Or maybe you’re struggling to progress to the next level?

The secret is locked deep within you!

belly dance tutorials

Belly Dance is the world’s best kept secret for unlocking the divine feminine

It’s like a moving meditation…

…that releases the divine feminine energy so you can experience pure joy and share it through dance. 


We store our “issues in our tissues” going back all the way to childhood…

When you shimmy your hips and roll your belly, it relieves energetic blockages and releases your divine feminine energy.

The vibrations channel a positive vibe and moves your sacred chakras back into alignment.

From our belly dance classes like Moving Mamas, to fitness, nutrition, qigong and yoga, the synergy of our lessons will…

Empower The Sacred Goddess Within You.

belly dance, yoga, fitness, meditation

Regardless of where you’re at on your dance journey, Majestic Woman Group will accelerate your learning



Get ready to be the best dancer you can be!

Leilah Isaac belly dance fitness

Strengthen your dance and live your best life with bonus classes for spiritual & physical health

In order to be the best dancer, the best mom, the best friend, the best anything…

…you have to take care of your entire being!

That’s why we’ve made Majestic Woman Group a one-stop shop for all the needs of the divine feminine.


Majestic Woman Group works…

belly dance yoga fitness app
belly dance classes online

Just ask our growing group of Amazing, Majestic Women!

Belly Dance Instructor

What You’ll Find Inside…

Including 200+
classes and courses

for all fitness and experience levels...

That’s over $2,997 of value for just less than


*with yearly subscribtion of $99

or choose from



QUARTERLY (every 3 months)


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If you don’t find it life-changing or decide that it just isn’t your cup of tea, cancel anytime with zero obligations.

But I have a funny feeling that you’ll be sticking around for more! 

More glowing reviews from our Majestic Women!